Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Google Couldn't Kill Us

As some of you know, this blog has been offline for five months. The reason? A copyright claim. Who filed it isn't important. But google saw fit to block access to the blog and our corresponding email account. We still don't have access to our email, but the blog is back up and running.

Here's what happened: a third party who holds no intellectual rights to any of the material shared on this blog under fair use doctrine claimed to google that we were infringing on said rights. Google blocked us, and informed me via my private email that I had been banned under their terms of service. Initially, they wouldn't even tell me who made the claim; I had to get legal help to find all of this out.

My attorney team cut through the red tape and challenged the claim. The claimant never responded, and today I got an email from google letting me know I once again had access to my blog.

I want to personally thank the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation for the help they provided in this matter.

That's all for now. More news soon.